The original mission of the Weed Community Center Project was to strengthen and unify the City of Weed, California and nearby communities by providing year-round civic, social and recreational activities for people of all ages by designing, constructing and operating a Weed Community Center (WCC) Building.  As initially conceived by Kenneth Ford about 13 years ago, the WCC would focus on providing wholesome recreational, educational, and wellness activities for the area's youth and seniors.  In addition, this central facility could fulfill the Weed Community's needs by providing a venue for a wide variety of community events.
     This original concept has now, in the Spring of 2012, evolved into a Project to provide a permanent home for the Weed Community Resource Center (WCRC) in the historical Weed Mercantile building while incorporating all essential features of the original WCC within the same building.  The facility will be called the WCRC Building, and will be administered by the Weed Revitalization Coalition (WRC) a 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the City of Weed.  The original WCC plan called for new construction of a dedicated building, but the costs of such construction proved to be prohibitive.  The current plan can be accomplished within a budget comparable to that originally allocated for the WCC by the Grantors.


      After-school programs, tutoring and homework support
       Scouting and other Youth Group meetings
       Senior programs, Caregiver training/respite 
       Health and Wellness outreach and Fitness Center
       Education and Career Development opportunities
       Banquet/Conference seating for 500, with Commercial Kitchen


      The WCRC Building's Commercial Kitchen will be suitable for education as well as banquet activity  This facility has the support of the College
          of the Siskiyous (COS) administration, and will be utilized jointly by WCRC and the College.
      The Weed Library will be offered the opportunity to move from its current location to the second floor of the WCRC Building. This would allow
          the Library to be located in a central, downtown venue with double the Library's current floor space.  It would also allow the Library to share
          the COS learning center to be located in the WCRC Building, and would provide access to the large number of youths using the Building.       
       A major accomplishment in the evolution of this concept is the inclusion of a 10,000 square foot Teen Center on the WCRC Building's third
          floor. This provision for the area's youth has been a long-term goal of both WRC and WCRC, as well as the original WCC plan.
      The central, downtown location of the WCRC Building and its substantial floor space will enhance the support of these added programs as
          well as all other current and future functions of the WCRC organization.


      The boards of the Ford Family Foundation and the McConnell Foundation who originally had granted funds about 13 years ago to implement the WCC project withdrew their WCC challenge grant, primarily due to rising costs of new construction for a WCC building.  The WCC board of directors then formally disbanded.  In the interim, management of Weed's essential Community Programs and Activities has been assumed by the WCRC organization. The WCRC is now conducting business and running essentially all of Weed's Community-oriented activities under the management and fiscal auspices of the Weed Revitalization Coalition (WRC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
       The WCRC is currently housed within the centrally-located Weed Mercantile Mall (a privately-owned building at 590 Main Street in downtown Weed), and is able to fulfill all of the originally planned WCC Community programs and activities with a few minor building modifications. Banquet seating in the Mercantile would be for about 300, which would still be adequate for the needs of the Community.     

The (WCRC) is now providing a broad range of Community-based activities that the entire Community can easily access and benefit from. The WCRC employs Joyce Oliver as its Executive Director, and is currently operating in the Mercantile with a staff of three individuals and many part-time Community volunteers. 
      The WCRC and its wide range of program offerings is currently filling the gaps that have been identified in Weed's cultural, civic, wellness, recreational and educational activities, while addressing the needs of under-served populations, such as low-income families, seniors, women and children.


       The previous grantors of funding have requested that the entire Weed Community come together around one coordinated Weed Community Action Center project plan. That goal has finally been reached as the evolved WCRC Building Plan.


       The Weed City Council has formally approved the referenced evolved plan for the location of all appropriate Community Programs and Activities within the Weed Mercantile Mall which will be modified and repurposed as the WCRC Building.  A copy of the City's letter in support of the proposed WCRC Building concept including support of the capital campaign to obtain funding through all possible sources IS AVAILABLE HEREAll organizations and agencies that will utilize the WCRC facility have been advised of the suitability of the proposed location.  The WCRC Building would be owned and operated by the WRC non-profit organization which would be responsible for completion of all proposed modifications, day to day operations of the Center, and all future custodianship of the facility.
       Funding for the purchase of the building and necessary modifications will be obtained from suitable grantors (to be identified), and appropriate fundraising activities and space rentals will support the day-to-day operating expenses of the building.

Updated 11/12/12
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